Ivan Adelson

Ivan Adelson

New York, NY, US


media mass public

The megachurch, in its typical form, does not present itself as a religious institution, but rather a facility for masses to gather and be entertained within a media-enhanced environment. Sited in Detroit, this project borrows and leverages the megachurch’s use of media, establishing a new sense of community through implementation of a media driven, socially engaging structure. The project is formally conceived as a singular, monumental exterior, with an aggregated, open interior, that borrows and repurposes the spatiality of Detroit’s vanishing context. Within this porous spatial interface, the building is infused with a media interface of screens and monitors that keep independent functions and programs throughout the structure in constant communication with one another.  The project reflects upon and responds to the nature of the megachurch and its occupants by calling for an interaction between audiences accustomed to engagement with media.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US
My Role: 2g1_arch design V | m.Arch @ TCAUP_University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Additional Credits: professor: mclain clutter