Hratch Israelian

Hratch Israelian

Los Angeles, CA, US



Introducing a painting technique  invented  42 years ago but it`s new to the art world.  
How to paint is just as important as what to paint, since painting is an extremely limited medium of expression. It does not narrate as well as other art forms or show action. Also, it’s pretentious to leave it void of any content and claim that is necessary art of our time.
What is the essence of painting these days? And, how does one deal with it? The big question ‘what to say?’ has less creative room than the question ‘how to say?’ since the massage changes depending how it’s delivered. And how does one deliver a massage with the bits of paint which competes with magical technologies of our time?
Here is how…
Let us invite the tree of the most sophisticated practitioners of digital painting who master the best and the latest software and also the three of the most successful artists in the world. Let them unite their forces together. They also can bring hundreds of assistants along with their state of the art equipment to compete with you. And you only have 30 minutes to become an expert in this painting technique. After those 30 minutes, I guarantee you that in this showdown they cannot possibly win. You will show up with no tools in your hand, while they carry their heavy equipment. Even in your pockets, there will be nothing. But you will be armed and dangerous, having only paint and paper to create your first masterpiece. You will beat them in speed, size, quality and cost.  

“What is Modern Art?” A question that puzzles many of us.
Modern Art came out of Modernity, and Modernity came out of technological transformations, which stands on the balance of four pillars: production speed, quality, cost, and size.
Can we create the modern brush for modern painting? A brush that has the essence of Modernism?  
Yes, we can. You are looking at it.



the founder of "Art for Interior Design."., Whittier, CA, US, artist

Jan 1972 - current


Otis/Parsons School of art and Design, Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, Fine Arts

Jan 2016 - current


The International Nepenthy Mundi Societies. Best of the Classic III Award., 1st Place


Discovery 86 Competition, Sponsered by the Art Guild of New Yoek Rockvelle Center. 1st plase Award granted, 1st Place


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