Isabel Sierra

Isabel Sierra

Newburyport, MA, US

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I am an architect. I have always known this.

Those were the opening words to my college application, and now I am a recent graduate in Spring 2023 from Syracuse School of Architecture with a B-Arch. My passion for architecture has only grown over the past 5 years. I have explored architecture’s connection to the environment, studied and created architectural paintings, sketched in the field (in London and Florence), and learned advanced software. These are only a few of the experiences that have formed who I am as a designer today. In my final few months at Syracuse, I  completed my thesis called Phenomenology of Perception in Architecture: A Museum for the Mechanical Eye. My interest in perception was born out of an analytical study of the Rietveld Schröder House I did in the first semester first year. I am looking forward to continuing my lifelong study of architecture among people who share the same passion. I am eager to learn.




Andrew Sidford Architects, Newburyport, MA, US, Designer 1

• 3D modeling and technical drawing for residential and community spaces
• Conceptual design
• Product, code, zoning, and, historic research
• Client presentations and graphics

Jan 2024 - current

Michael McHale Designs, Brooklyn, NY, US, Product Designer

• 3D modeling 5 collections of lighting fixtures
• Design development
• Attending lighting design trade show
• Material and lighting renders

Jun 2023 - current

Mattworks, Concord MA, Architectural Intern

• Build physical models
• Created digital models, rendered,
and made construction documents
• Construction site visits
• Met 1 on 1 with clients about designs
• Interior material and fixture selection
• 10 projects ranging from full home
renovations, pools, to island retreats

Jun 2019 - Aug 2023

Boston Society for Architecture, Boston, MA, US, Marketing Communications Intern

• Managed content for press and social media & photo archive of events and exhibition
• Updated website using CMS & uploaded magazine archives, and edited basic HTML
• Resized, color corrected, and cropped photos using Adobe Suite

Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

Lexia Learning, Concord, MA, US, Editorial Research Intern

• Reviewed editorial content for a middle school reading program to identify diversity among characters, images, and content
• Provided editorial and technical support, for software product team
• Managed detailed artifacts for large team keeping updates clearly communicated

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018


Syracuse University, Syracuse, BArch, Architecture

• B-Arc degree
• Dean’s List
• Manton Scholars Program
• Architecture Portfolio Award
• Arc 409 Process Award - Model Making

Sep 2018 - May 2023

Areas of Specialization