Irmak Sener

Irmak Sener

Brooklyn, NY, US


Dwelling Space

The project draws its character and its function by the proximity with the sea. The building, a low longitudinal volume, is a place designed for the storage and sale of the fish, in an area close to a natural inlet. The main access points are placed at the two ends of the volume and on the front towards the sea. The spaces used for sale, close to the urban street, consist in small wall boxes, placed side by side without interruption and covered by a flattened barrel vault. 

Between the two functions - storage and sale - that occupy two separate areas of the volume, there is a linear courtyard, like a large outdoor corridor. The one-storey building is simple and completes the urban fabric towards the sea. A two-storey volume marks this building: its top is a viewpoint towards the Saracen Tower to the west.

The projectual proposal is based on a low longitudinal volume standing between the city and the sea in a characterized by a natural inlet where fishermen put up their boats and work. The front facing the city is continuous, compact and has small square openings and entrances. The back facing the sea is more complex, so as to create two small distinct courtyards, open to the inlet. The courtyards, an area useful to work and store the fishing materials, have pergolas that connect the one-storey modules characterized by different sizes. 

The modules, placed side by side without interruption, consist of small rooms covered with flattened barrel vault, which recall a typical element of the Turkish building tradition, declined in the Apulia context.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Bari, Italy
Additional Credits: Burak Celik, Ozge Bayam, Perin Bilici, Ovgun Atesoglu