Kevin Clement

Kevin Clement

Tokyo, JP


DRAWN Pavilion

This exhibit, originally conceived as a graduate research project at the University to Tokyo Advanced Design Studies Laboratory, is featured as a part of the Mutations/Créations event at Centre Pompidou. The event aims to bring together design, architecture, and music.

This work is included as a part of the Imprimer le Monde (Printing the World) exhibition, a collection of works exploring the use of 3D printing in art, design, and architecture:

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Status: Built
Location: Paris, FR
My Role: Design and Research Leader, Project Manager
Additional Credits: University of Tokyo Advanced Design Studies Unit (TーADS)
Professors: Yusuke Obuchi, Kengo Kuma, Manabu Chiba
Core research: Kevin Clement, Anders Rod
Project Coordinators: Kevin Clement, Shuntaro Nozawa
Project Team: Jiang Lai, Deborah Lopez, Hadin Charbel, Mika Portugaise, Chen Xiaoke, Ruta Stankeviciute, Hirokazu Tei, Wu Ziyi, Alric Lee, Nathalia Rotelli, Emi Shiraishi, Veronika Smetanina, Tom Moss, Yang Ao, Tyler Mcbeth
Jun Sato Lab
Professor: Jun Sato
Project Team: Mika Araki, Ying Xu

Special thanks to: Kengo Kuma and Associates, The University of Tokyo Department of Architecture
École Spéciale d’Architecture