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Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

During our call to develop the design of the entrance to the building of the Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah, we have a distinct feeling, because the Chamber of Commerce is always referred to as the house of commerce and merchants, and it receives intense attention at the local and global levels for any country. And it has a link with the elements of decision-making and community development, so the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce is the building of trade and commerce and the center of the Jeddah Gate on the Red Sea, Jeddah is the historic city that is considered the most important tourist city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea bride.

The architectural design of the new entrance not only provides a beautiful shape and identity, but we are talking about a dynamic design that interacts with people and gives the place a strong interactive symbol, that the waves made of fabric will be moved from the natural air and this will leave them in generating a sense of the sea waves
Architecturally, the building of the Jeddah Chamber is considered one of the important buildings that reflects an architectural luster that reflects the boom era of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

1. Add the lost architectural identity
2. sent the young spirit on the building that got old
3. Study the cost as an important component

Referring to these three points, our architectural design was developed to develop the future identity of the House of Trade and Merchants in Jeddah

The impression of the building “architecturally”

• Randomize internal coordination
• Dependence on the color blue in a monotonous and repetitive manner
• Add some elements and foreign materials to the design and use them in an incorrect architectural way, such as wood
• Not to take advantage of the external lighting of the entrance properly
Building illustration elements and instruction boards do not match the building’s identity
Lack of development aspects of interaction with sustainability

The identity strength of the interior design of the building will contribute to the development of the following elements: –

Respect for the visitor and user of the building and the entity
• Find investment opportunities for the building and rental space
Increasing the productivity of the staff
• Description of the building as a renewable land mark
Improving the society’s view of the services provided by the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

The sea is the main cause of Jeddah’s prosperity and the main reason for Jeddah’s business to flourish

The extension of the waves to the building of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and linking Ansara with the Red Sea

 The addition of sea wave cited elements to reflect the architectural identity of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce building

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Jeddah, SA