Ilko Iliev

Ilko Iliev

Los Angeles, CA, US


Points of Departure

AIA Central Coast Design Citation Nominee

The rise of modernity has resulted in a contemporary situation characterized by constant movement and cognitive disengagement from the physical environment.

This constant movement and experiential disengagement are reinforced by modern forms of space, specifically the modern city with its zones of compartmentalized activity and forced transit between them. This has resulted in the proliferation of non-spaces that have radicalized the already distracted state in which architecture is typically experienced.

Architecture should develop techniques to ensure the reintegration of activity and cognition within physical space as a means of fostering heightened engagement. This can be achieved by the manipulation of form and figure in order to promote ambiguous readings of figure, use, and meaning that require more cognitive engagement and creative interpretation.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Rio de Janeiro, BR