Ignacio Calvo

Ignacio Calvo

Madrid, ES



The boundary between built and free space, between inside and outside, between public and private, is very permeable. The existing open spaces in the block spreads and invades our intervention. Public space enters the building, and the project invades and equips public space. The existing skin, translucent polycarbonate with large guillotine doors allows this relation.
This circumstance determines the uses on the ground floor, which under certain conditions can become a continuous work space, where the artist is not only an occupant of the building, but also an actor of the public scenary formed by existing elements, such as medians, that will be activated with projections or graffiti, and will be an artistic support for the whole thing. The mobile furniture also facilitates this configuration. It is equipped with a bearing system that allows it to be moved by the collective space. It basically consists of micro portables scenarios (mobile props), parasols and deployable and adaptable storage modules.

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin
My Role: Designer