Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller

Los Angeles, CA, US


Cold Light Room

The cold light box started as a conceptual idea to display  Mary Corse’s  light installation piece illuminated by a tesla coil. This simple box consists of a prefabricated walk in cooler delivered on site, wrapped entirely in white plaster and skim wall. The interior space would sit at 38 degrees, to play with your sense of feeling while taking in the stunningly bright hanging installation. The Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery  agreed to see this unique project through to the end. Three months of problem solving in order to make this cold room possible, ultimately resulted in the perfect scale, temperature, and spatially ambiguous  room to display her work. Serving as the main point of communication for the architect (huum architects), contractor, manufacturer, specialists, gallery, and artist, I worked from start to finish making sure this project was possible.  

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Project Manager
Additional Credits: Head architect: huum architects
Client: Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery
Contractor: Elite Art Services
Manufacturer: Liquidators Unlimited, Inc.