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Lithos Wellness Center

Situated on a new development in South Chengdu, China, the Chengdu Hotel is a yoga destination that seeks to reconnect individuals with their natural surroundings. Set in a spectacular landscape, the building emulates its environment and meditative themes with sweeping and stretched Boolean operations. This carving out of cascaded spherical volumes creates an active, as well as an iconic, public space. 

Guests arrive by boat and dock under the fifteen-meter long cantilevered space. Under this cantilever, contoured steps bring people up from the water level (1B) to an upper cafe level (1F). These steps form an outdoor amphitheater that can be programmed for group yoga sessions, small concerts, and performances. The second floor consists of the yoga reception area and a retail space, with the fourth and fifth floors comprising of eighteen rooms and yoga studios. To support the fifteen-meter cantilever span above the Boolean space, a truss is used at the third-floor level. The stepped expression that is introduced at the hotel's main access point continues onto the roof garden where people can observe the vast scenery without obstruction.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Chengdu, CN