Hoi Yee Lim

Hoi Yee Lim

London, GB


The Roo Community

The Roo Community, a social club that facilitate the Deliveroo rider, by providing a platform for them to gather as well as co-working space and accommodation area to fulfill different needs. The selected site was located within the Bromley-by-Bow South Development, next to the urban square. It’s a strategic location where as the project gets to integrate with the local community and the surrounded landscape strategy. By having the Deliveroo rider as the main user group, the project featured a ramp around the perimeter of the building, leading the user to different space with different landing. The cyclist and pedestrian circulation was connected by the open staircase in the middle of the site. It separated both public and private space and at the same time connects the cyclist and the pedestrian. The structure of the column was inspired by the geometric form of the bicycle frame as the main supporting structure of the bicycle, and so do it support the Roo Community. Glulam was selected as the main structural material due to the advantages of the property and construction method.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB