Henry Glennon

Henry Glennon

Portland, ME, US


EPIC Metals Design Competition

The EPIC Metals design competition is a tradition at Carnegie Mellon. Each year, at the beginning of sixth semester the third years have five days to complete a sketch assignment which must use the decking catalogue of EPIC (the company which sponsors the event). This is my design, which won that year, beating out over twenty other submissions by my classmates. The design is a simple arch, inspired by boat keels and vertebrae, to evoke the idea of sculpture and beauty coming from nature and engineering. The judges felt as I did that these ideas were appropriate for a design which would connect the two halves of  a university of technology. I did not include any program on the bridge, except for benches, which face both ways, and a canopy to allow chance meetings and shelter against the brutal west wind.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US
My Role: Functionally Solo