Wenhao Xu

Wenhao Xu

Philadelphia, PA, US


This is [Not] a Hive

The hive is a framework of coexisting worlds. Bees and humans operate side by side in an internal spring scenario, creating a heterotopic space of illusion, exposing every real space and thus establishing a microcosm of different environments.

The object seats in a basin in a forest, suggestive of a space that that needs to be discovered. Its spherical core generates both heat and steam, resembling a ritual or purification. Spaces are isolated and penetrable yet not freely accessible like a public place. Steam is an integral part of the architecture, acquiring space with more layers of meaning or relationships to other places, enabling the cohabitation of its occupants at the top, while, at the same time creating an aromatic chamber deep in the bowels of the building.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Seoul, KR
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Nikos Kalantzopoulos