Jasmine Mariani

Jasmine Mariani

Bali, ID


The Shelter Project

In July 2018, the island of Lombok was hit by a series of devastating earthquakes. Over 500 people lost their lives and roughly 350,000 have been displaced. News coverage has faded, but villages remain in rubble and thousands of families still don’t have homes or access to basic human needs. In response to recent events, we have set up The Shelter Project. Our initiative looks to build an initial 100 shelters, and we later hope to continue to build countless more on a more global scale.

$700 USD covers the cost of an entire, fully equipped shelter. It is made of natural materials, has been developed in collaboration with the communities affected, includes the necessary electrical fittings for light and power sockets, and is set up with a rainwater collection and filtration system. All for $700.

Most importantly, we have ensured that those displaced are empowered with the skills to build, maintain, and personalise their own shelters as they see fit for at least the next 2 years. The project is non-profit and counts on donations from members of our global community to provide those affected with shelters.

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Status: Built
Location: Lombok, ID
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: The Shelter Project, Bali, Indonesia
Madison Setiawan, Peloton Supershop, Bali, Indonesia