Ricky Vega

Ricky Vega

Los Angeles, CA, US


ETA Istanbul

Columbia University GSAPP

 :: Spring 2014 :: Advanced Studio VI :: Lise Anne Couture


A new cultural-art venue in the emerging waterfront art district of Istanbul proposes an exciting hybridized program of temporary non-collecting exhibitions with a cultural public space. The ETA (Exhibitions of Temporary Art at Istanbul) question the typical zoning envelope and engages over the public domain of the street. In return an expansive ground floor plaza is offered to the community, allowing an opportunity to create a pedestrian link between the urban wall condition of the water front and the dense residential zone over the steep escarpment behind the site. The studio challenges included balancing a negation of the zoning envelope, while developing an argument on the exhibition of contemporary art and allowing a range public permeation through the galleries and exhibitions.

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Status: School Project
Location: Istanbul, TR
My Role: Individual Studio Project