Harshavardhini Baladevakrishna

Harshavardhini Baladevakrishna

Bangalore, IN



I am an Architect obtain a license in India,and graduated from Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University, New York City in May 2012. At Columbia I had amazing academic experience while working in teams, learning new techniques and skills, sharing knowledge with inter-disciplinary individuals from different architectural background. My experiences at Columbia with International team environments has embellished relationship management, leadership, and communication skills in me. Also I was elected as a student representative at Columbia by class of 2012 MsAUD, where my role with my co-representative was to initiate exchange of ideas between collective students and department faculty.  In Spring 2012, our team worked on a project proposing a new Market Network structures at Kumasi city- Ghana,for Millennium Cities Initiative which will be published in Columbia Earth Institute Publication 2012.

In my participation in ULI/ Gerald.D Hines Urban Design Competition 2012, I had amazing experience working with multi-disciplinary team with Columbia peers from Advanced Architecture Design and Real Estate Development Students, we developed and proposed a Mixed Used Development Project in Houston in 2 weeks time. This Competition enriched my experience in Urban Design Project and broadened my knowledge from sophisticated conceptual approach to realization of construction in real market.

Prior to obtaining a Master Degree in Urban Design, I have an experience of one and half years working as a Junior Architect with an Architecture firm in Bangalore, also I have worked independently on Architectural Projects as a Designer and Managed Construction on a family project  in India. As an Architect in India I have gained experiences with consultants and clients. Merging both experiences, I am a well prepared candidate to experience and work on diverse projects from different stages : conceptualization, detail documentation of structures/ drawings and presentations.

I also obtained certification on The Ecological City: Sustainability and Resilience at Continuing Education Copper Union, New York City. My Work experience as Urban Design Intern assisting Professor Jeffrey Raven was great, where my research and exploration broadened my knowledge on Sustainable and Resilience in Architecture and Urban Design globally.

At present I am preparing for LEED credentials and managing independent project in Bangalore, I have great interests and passion for projects in Urban Design, Urban Planning, Transit Orient Development, Mixed Use Development, Commercial, Resilient and Sustainable Design and Adaptive Design. I am seeking full time position as Junior Architect in Architecture firms in Bangalore with diverse projects.


Raven A+U, Architecture and Urban Design LLC, New York, NY, US, Urban Design Intern

Raven A+U is a small Architecture and Urban Design firm, specialized in Resilient and Sustainable Urban Design by its Principal Architect and Urbanist Jeffrey Raven. He is also an appointed Director and Associate Professor of the MSARUD at NYIT, New York. He has more than 20 years of experience and leadership in Architecture, Urban design, and Planning. He has led or contributed to projects in the Arabian Gulf, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States, including Masdar carbon-neutral development in Abu Dhabi; sustainable urban design in Vietnam and India; smart growth town planning in the New York Metropolitan Region; LEED-accredited green building design in New York City; community-based planning in the South Bronx; and the Downtown Brooklyn Plan with Regional Plan Association. He contributes to the development of U.S. and international strategies, guidelines and policy, including Steering Committee member for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Global Change Research Program for Urban Resilience; and Technical Advisor for STAR Community Index to develop sustainable standards for American communities.

It was a great opportunity to assist Professor Raven in his independent research during my internship as an Urban Design Intern. I was involved in documenting information and case studies for his independent research on Climate Resilient and Sustainable Urban Design. And prepared presentations for web publication. Systemized material and researched on DMICD - Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development project, for his independent research. It was great learning experience working with Professor Raven, my internship broadened my knowledge on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design. This also developed my interests in community based projects that incorporates Innovative Design Ideas that transpires communities with improved Social, Economic and Environment conditions, and helps community to transit towards Resiliency. And also very interested in integration and application of principles of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Architecture.

Mar 2013 - Jun 2013

Independent Practice, Bangalore City, (INDIA), Fresh Architect and Designer

Subsequent to my internship at MICD A, I returned to my under graduate school for further final semesters at School, from Jan 2008 - June 2010 .
After my graduation I obtained my architectural license from Council of Architects, Delhi, INDIA. Obtaining my license, I worked on couple of independent projects as designer and Fresh Architect and also parallel to this, I continued to work at Rajashekar Associates.

Managed construction for a Residential Project (5 BR) owned by my family. Designed a Loft House of 1BR for a friend. Worked on free lance 3D rendering projects while pursuing for my masters program.

Jun 2010 - Apr 2011

Rajashekar Associates, Bangalore, Junior Architect

Rajashekar Associates is a small Architectural and Interior Design firm, located in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. This firm was established over 20 years and is committed to Regional Architectural Design. It has experience with Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Government Projects.

I had an opportunity to assist principal Architect K.N.Rajashekar. I was involved in Designing and producing Conceptual Drawings for Residential Projects. Prepared Working and Detail Drawings for Residential, Institutional and Commercial Projects using BIM software such as AutoCAD and SketchUP. I also produced 3D Renders for project proposals using Photoshop. Periodically conducted Site Inspections which involved inspection of flooring, bathroom fittings, painting, wood and plaster finishes. I had an experience to work on Sanction Drawings and had an exposure to registration of Projects under city's Development Authority.

Nov 2009 - Apr 2011

MICD Associates, Colombo ( SRI LANKA ), Student Intern

MICD Associates is an architectural design firm by its principals Murad Ismail and Channa Daswatte after meeting within the practice of Geoffrey Bawa Associates, of which they are still both Directors. This design firm is committed to innovative and rigorous architectural design, the principals maintain a close relationship with the client and are the principal designers. The main concerns of the practice have been to create architecture that is appropriate to site climate and culture using to advantage the materials of everyday construction including freely available industrial materials.

During my Internship at MICD A, I had privilege to collaborate and work directly with firm Director Channa Daswatte. I assisted directly with director in his Architecture and Landscape projects, mainly Residential Projects specialized and designed for Tropical Climatic conditions of local environment of the Island. I was responsible for Computerizing Drawings for assigned projects, from the Conceptual Sketches. Also worked on Construction Drawings for contractors and developed physical models for the clients meeting. Prepared Council Drawings for Project Sanction.

Aug 2007 - Dec 2007


The Cooper Union, New York, NY, US, Certification in The Ecological City: Sustainability and Resilience

This Certification Program involved presentations from Professor Jeffrey Raven from his projects and case studies in the Arabian Gulf, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and the United States, including Masdar carbon-neutral development in Abu Dhabi; sustainable urban design in Vietnam and India; smart growth town planning in the New York Metropolitan Region. And presentation on projects and from his contributions to the development of U.S. and international strategies, guidelines and policy, including Steering Committee member for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Global Change Research Program for Urban Resilience; and Technical Advisor for STAR Community Index to develop sustainable standards for American communities. The sessions also involved group discussions from the participants from various disciplines.

Sep 2012 - Dec 2012

Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, Masters in Architecture and Urban Design

The Urban Design Program a post-professional program offered by the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University, New York City.

The Urban Design Program is focused on the state of the city in the 21st century, in an age of rapid urbanization with cities of growth and contraction that face the transition to new forms and meanings. The program weaves a dialogue between New York City, which is its primary focus, and other world capitals and analogous contemporary conditions; moving between recent theoretical debate on future urbanism, and applied projects that directly engage the realities of the transformations of the post-industrial city. The Urban Design curriculum exploits the pedagogic potential of the studio as a form of design-based critical inquiry. Studio projects focus on topics related to contemporary Urban Design practice. All three studios emphasize a multi-scalar approach to the urban site (local, neighborhood, metropolitan, regional and global scales), and view Urban Design as an inter-disciplinary practice that negotiates between diverse actors in the urban dynamic.

My professional academic experience at Columbia engaged me in an international environment broadening my knowledge to global perspective and thinking. I had unique experience working in teams with peers from multi- nationality and different architectural backgrounds. Had an excellent opportunity of being advised from Professions and Faculties from different nationality and practices with diverse expertise/ experiences. Had amazing experiences working on studio projects in site such as NYC, Ghana, and Sri Lanka. In Spring 2012 we had a Global Studio where we travelled to project site, Kumasi City - Ghana, our team worked on a project restructuring markets in Kumasi City, a project for Millennium Cities Initiative which will be published in Columbia Earth Institute Publication 2012.

Jun 2011 - May 2012

R V School of Architecture, Bangalore City, IN, BArch, Bachelors in Architecture

R V School of Architecture is an autonomous institution with undergraduate and postgraduate program in Architecture accredited by council of Architecture, New Delhi and affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. Bachelor's degree at this institution is a five year program.

Each semester has a structured courses mainly devoted to architectural studios and building construction subjects. In this program each semester is dedicated to combination of subjects from Design, Building Construction and Materials, Structures, Theory of Architecture, Visual Arts, Surveying, Estimating and Costing, Working Drawing, Computer Applications, Contemporary Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Earth Quake Resistant Structures, Constructional Management and Professional Practice. In fifth year we have to introduce a thesis project of urban scale in which we have to propose a project implicating practicality with details from concept, design and structure.

Experiences in my undergraduate school has helped me to hone abilities in analysis, research, evaluation and organizational skills and also helped in developing my proficiency skills in computer by self learning. My participation in workshops and competitions has always helped me to embellish experiences in my profession. I was selected from school along with my peers from same program to participate in international workshops collaborated with my school. I also have an experience working as an event coordinator at school helping management in workshops and collaborations.

Oct 2004 - Jun 2010


Participant in ULI / Gerald D.Hines Urban Design Competition 2012 : Downtown Connection, Houston, Texas, Award

The competition was devoted to develop downtown and took an interest in the proposed property as a key site to reconnect the Theater District, the Historic District, and greater downtown to the Buffalo Bayou and provide additional residential units downtown.

The entry develops new downtown district, envisions river as an element of public open space and the same public space as a catalyst in the creation of new downtown district and to ensure connections between surrounding district. The proposed Mixed Used Development also has a component to serve low-income population with market rate housing.


Participated as an audience in Columbia University Energy Symposium 2012, Award

The Symposium highlights the topics capturing the attention of the energy industry today and offers the varied perspectives of leaders from the policy, business and legal sectors, among others.

The panels highlighted these mentioned topics for discussion : Natural Gas Shifting Energy Policy, Financing Energy in a Changing Regulatory Environment, Innovation in Energy - Planning for Tomorrow, Acting Today and China’s Emergence Impacting Global Energy Resources.


Participated as an International student audience in ARCASIA 2007, Conference at Sri Lanka., Award

ARCASIA or ARCHITECTS REGIONAL COUNCIL OF ASIA is an organization of seventeen National Institutes of Architects from the Asian region extending from Pakistan in the West to Philippines in the East, Peoples Republic of China in the North to Indonesia in the South. This Council promotes the development and education of architects and architectural professional in their service to society and; research and technical advancement in the field of the built environment.


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