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HA project receives Five Star award for West Village Project

By HauteOffice
Jan 22, '22 1:45 PM EST
Living Room
Living Room

Haute Architecture dpc is a New York based architecture and interior design firm. Haute’s ethos is one of timeless architecture; meticulously refining details, systems, and spaces to create the very best sensory and functional experience. Together, founders Annie Lo and Torsten Schlauersbach, both formerly of Foster +  

Partners, provide all architectural services from schematic design through to construction administration and interior fit-out. Located in the heart of New York’s West Village neighbourhood, the Duplex at 100 Bank Street required a complete renovation. Situated within walking distance to the Hudson River and nearby shopping streets, the owners wanted to improve, rather than move. By completely reimagining the two superimposed

studio apartments, Haute has delivered a modernized oasis built around a brand new minimal yet intricate “jewel box” of a staircase.This key feature is beautifully discreet yet visually surprising. Finished in double-height fluted panels, the stair allows for a distinctive connection between the two floors. With new flooring, plumbing and appliances, as well as new refined finishes throughout, the completed project delivers open concept living, without compromising on storage or on the client’s dream kitchen island. The overall design is clean and modern, yet layered with texture and bathed in natural light, enhanced by the use of polished plaster on the walls. Whilst ensuring that every area has a well-considered purpose, plenty of space has also been dedicated to house the owner’s much treasured art collection.

Red Carpet award Ceremony