Venice, CA


ILIOS (ήλιος)

During the late 80s developers blanketed Southern California with poorly constructed buildings that held some (but very little) aesthetic value that is completely unique to the region. When HATCH was faced with the challenge of remodeling one of these residences we saw it as a great opportunity to accentuate the hidden value of this structure that had been abandoned for over a decade. HATCH worked closely with the new owners to create a fresh vision for the project which could be characterized as “Greek Zen Spa” to pay respect to the owners Greek heritage and lifestyle. The name Ilios embodies this being that it translates to "Sun" in Greek, speaking to the idea of bringing new light and life into the building. Through a thoughtful process of saving as much of the existing structure as possible, most of the embodied energy will be maintained and recycled. Furthermore, the future structure is planned to reach the net zero energy target and will contain a sophisticated water reclamation system that utilizes an abandoned swimming pool on the property.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US
Firm Role: Lead Architect and Designer