Hasan Deniz

Hasan Deniz

New York, NY, US


La Guardia Airport

Airports in general, including La Guardia are usually disconnected from the city. They are the first places the visitors enter the city, and they act in this sense, as an “interface” of the city they belong to. They are among the very limited places that have the potential to act as a large convention hall, bringing together a great variety of people from various cultures together. This would include bringing together the citizens with the visitors, providing diffuse environments that would allow a great variety of spaces to accommodate interactive activities and would allow maximum flow between the city and the airport.  It would be such a place, that not only passengers, but also citizens would be willing to use throughout their daily activities.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Design, Concept Development, Architectural Development, Detailing ,3d Model and Viualisation
Additional Credits: Toru Okada (Team Partner)