Hanxi Wu

Hanxi Wu

Milwaukee, WI, US



Over the past two years, more than 46 percent of refugee children have lost their parents in Syrian conflict and have come to Europe by themselves. However, the basic functions of temporary refugee camps can only meet the needs of accommodation, where refugee children's mind trauma is difficult to cure. Because of the poor environment of refugee camps, their health and safety are difficult to be secured. Also it forms a major obstacle to their future integration into the
local community. For this situation and those special "clients", this project is trying to use architectural methods to healing these vunlerable children both physically and psychologically. The main idea is to provide a community-based village for unaccompanied children combined with neighborhood, education facilties and public outdoor spaces. The spatial organization of this village has its own hierarchies to help unaccompanied children to rebuilding their social connection gradually: from small residential group to group activities.

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Status: School Project