Hanghee Yun

Hanghee Yun

Atlanta, GA, US


Briggs & Riley Travelware

Type: Corporation
Area: 13,000

The Starland Dairy Building is a historic landmark in the Savannah historic district. The Briggs & Riley Travelware Corporation will be restoring the Starland Dairy building as a satellite office. The Briggs& Riley Travelware Corporation is a leader in the luggage industry. The company provides stylish yet durable bags to fit all of clients’ travel needs.

The primary goal of this project is to maintain the building’s historic character in tune with corporate goals and images of the Briggs & Riley Corporation. The corporate motto, “Simple as That” is a powerful vision that was carefully considered for the project. The concept is compartmentalized of the Briggs and Riley’s modern innovative luggage design while revealing historic contexts of the old Southern charm. With respect to the Briggs & Riley brand identity, it remains simple and modern in design along with asymmetric grid-like patterns inspired by Mondrian’s De Stijl.

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Status: School Project
Location: Savannah, GA, US