Matthew Halligan

Matthew Halligan

Niantic, CT, US


Engeneer, Programming, Construction Manager, Intern Architect

MA Logan International Airport Walkways Terminal A and Terminal E, MA Framingham state Athletic Facility, MA Plymouth County Court, MA Hampshire County Jail Renovations, MA Bryant Rink renovations, MA Westfeild state Athletic facility, MA UMass Boston library Exterior Renovations, UMass Amherst Duboise Library Deck Renovations, Mass Maritime Dinning hall Renovation, UMass Dartmouth Navy Building As Built, MA Wareham YMCA Athletic Facility, Randle Mills, Mc Donougha residence, Gas station Renovations Volta Cambridge, Army Gaurd renovations Natic MA, Arquel LAB and Clean room Construction, Biggs Army Airbase Long Knife Fort Bliss TX, CT Suffield Acadamy Athletic Feild House, CT Ilany Residence, CT Ocean House, CT Bristol ESPN, CT Newtown Highschool gymnasium renovation, UConn Dance studio and theater AsBuild, CT Arow Gear Renovation addition, CT Wilimantic Waist addition and renovation,MA HANSCOM AFB programming,CT Plainvile Gas station, CT Deloreto Highschool renovation, Sewer Stormwater Upgrade Putnum CT.    

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Status: Built
Location: MA,CT, TX
My Role: Engeneer, Programming, Construction Manager, Intern Architect
Additional Credits: Operator, Constuction coordinator