Griffin Enright Architects

Griffin Enright Architects

Los Angeles, CA


Hollywood Hills Residence

This 2,000 s.f. residence is located in a densely populated urban neighborhood just above Sunset Boulevard, where residents enjoy walking to local entertainment venues. The tight hillside site has views over Hollywood and out to the ocean from the second story and rooftop deck. The design challenge was to cost effectively add 2 rooms (bedroom and library) to a tract home and transform it into a contemporary home that maximizes the entertainment space of a small building footprint on a hillside site. Through relatively simple interventions, we were able to effect a complete transformation of the existing house. By removing only four interior walls at the ground floor, relocating a stair, and adding 2 rooms stacked on top of each other; we extended the interiors and created an open living space. Additionally, we enhanced natural light and views to maximize the apparent volume of space, blurring the relationship between interior and exterior and connecting the front and rear yards. 

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect