Guillaume Pfefferle

Guillaume Pfefferle




I am a young architect from Switzerland.

After five years of studying architecture at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, I completed my Master last July and have to admit, I am impatient to get a foot into the working world.

It is true that during all these years of studying, I particularly enjoyed the practical workshops, and I am now ready to move on from theory to practical and the idea of participating in real projects is for me a true source of motivation.

I myself am conscientious, precise, willing and a tireless worker, I know how to organise my work independently, all while being able to enjoy working within a team and contributing to a healthy, positive work environment.

I am looking for a challenging professional experience abroad and discovering architectural practice in a new context is something I am not afraid of. I am really motivated to take any opportunities to learn and bring the best I could. 


Dreier Frenzel Architektur + Kommunikation, Lausanne, CH, intern architect

I worked mainly on three projects:

- competition for a medical center dedicated to people with mental diseases
Team work with another architect and the two bosses of the office. I was responsible to develop the long term stay area based on a "living together" principle. Each patient had his own room but they had to live together in special more public areas.

- art project for the "Swiss Art Awards"
We worked together with the bosses and an artist from Montreal. Our work was interrogating possibilities for people to appropriate housing typologies. The exhibition is available at

-competition for a school extension
I was the architect responsible to develop this project collaborating directly with a building company.

Feb 2011 - Aug 2011

CBMM Architectes SA, Lausanne, CH, intern architect

I was involved in three different kind of assignments:

- I worked with two architects to develop construction details for four building projects at that time.

- I had to draw the plans of an existing building to be renewed, take measures in it and prepare all the final drawings to start the project.

- I did a feasibility study and developed the project for a house in the alps.

Aug 2010 - Feb 2011

National Minority Business Council, New York, NY, US, professional intern

After four months in a New York international school to improve my english I had the chance to work for the National Minority Business Council during eight weeks.

My assignment was to write financial reports about companies the Council planned to work with. Even though finance is not my field at all, I was pleased to discover a new sector. This experience in the New York working world allowed me to become fluent in spoken and written english, and taught me to do my best in a challenging situation.

Nov 2005 - Dec 2005


Swiss Federal Insitute of Technology, Lausanne, CH, MArch, Architecture

Studies were divided into three parts:

Bachelor; 6 semesters to develop design skills and theoretical background.

One year internship to practice in a professional field, team work and acquire some experience.

Master; 4 semesters to improve skills and develop our own vision of architecture. The Master project is an achievement to show the ability to develop a coherent and in the long term work.

Sep 2007 - Jul 2013

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