Golany Architects

Golany Architects

Tel Aviv, IL


Community Centre for People with Disabilities

The building that was designed by Tel-Aviv based Golany Architects serves people who experience disabilities. Therefore, providing accessibility was essential and indispensable. Accordingly, strict measures were employed, in order to cater for people with special needs, including wheelchair users.

Inclusive design approach was implemented, so as to create an environment suiting all. It was important to make sure that the accessibility provision would not result in an unattractive, stigmatizing, remedial environment that announces people's disability, but rather, to create a setting where everyone would feel comfortable and equal.

Colors were used to facilitate legibility and orientation. They serve as markers to assist, also those who cope with visual impairment, to find their way and remain oriented; plus, colours serve as means to create a cheerful, lively atmosphere and stimulating positive emotions.

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Status: Built
Location: Tel Aviv, IL
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Lead Architects: Galit Golany, Yaron Golany
Photographs: Amit Gosher