Golan Elbaz

Golan Elbaz

New York, NY, US



My name is Golan Elbaz, I recently graduated with a B.Arch and a B.A. in architectural education from NB Haifa School of Design - WIZO.

I started my architectural education out of curiosity , questioning aesthetics functionality , materiality and emotions as  part of architectural space.At one point I made a decision to convert curiosity and passion into a profession.

Through my studies as a Architect major, I was exposed to a new world of concepts, ideas and  Philosophical approaches. I noticed that the architectural environment is made from layers and endless connections which brings together the architect and his inner world with the space. A "jigsaw puzzle" made of  technologies, concepts and limitations. Very much influenced by cultures and ideologies depending on the time and place.With the tools and skills acquired in the Academy of Architecture and abroad ,and together with my inner world of content, I aspire to start my career as an architect and designer.

I’m not only a architect, I also work as a freelance artist, designer and furniture maker. I’m aware of my surroundings at all times and my environment is my inspiration. I’m in constant desire to create things and develop myself further. “Architecture as a total design” is the approach I follow, and it is the source of my thinking.      

Last year, I developed a design project for furniture, in which I planned, built and manufactured a series of collections. I combined contemporary and traditional technologies.  


Yoram Popper, Haifa, Architecture Student Intern

Worked on construction drawings
Did 3 dimensional modeling and worked on custom made building details
Graphic design

Sep 2014 - Jul 2015


The NB Haifa School of Design, Haifa, BArch, Architecture and Urban Planning

Relevant courses taken:
Urban Planning,
Residential Planning,
Preservation and Planning Historical Environments,
3D Modeling and Rendering,
Product Design,

Oct 2011 - Jun 2016

University of Bologna, Bologna, IT, BArch, Exchange Program

Part of a international team working on proposal for renovation of a historical environment
Used all architectural tools for creating a concept
Created proposal for the renovation and preservation of Salesiani

Aug 2012 - Dec 2012