Georgina Harvey

Georgina Harvey

New York, NY, US



Canberra Beyond the rules is a critique of the current Australian capital city, Canberra. The project questions the essence of an Australian Capital  ‘What is a capital city?’ and more importantly ‘What is a future City?’.

Building on the observations drawn from the growth of Canberra in the last 100 years, this thesis project aims to rethink the approaches in designing an Australian Capital city for the 21st century Canberra beyond the rules defines a new city border. The border exists as a loop of hybrid infrastructure designed to house the needs of the Australian government and its city. The vertical loop architecture combines government, residential, health and education, industrial, commercial, transportation and waste, water and energy programs. The continuous loop provides new relationships between urban centers and territories and promotes the flowing of ideas of exchange. It reduces the built footprint of the city redirecting growth vertically rather than horizontally, creating new living landscapes.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Canberra, AU
My Role: Author