Giorgio Ferrarese

Giorgio Ferrarese

Roma, IT


BA Portfolio 2014

This Portfolio shows my formative development during the studies of architectural Design, starting from an self-assessment of my early academic works and coming up with a thesis of my professional growth.

I present five main project, always reporting five main factors that led me to drafting project: Users, Diaphragm, Context, Guidelines and Form. Thus, you could see these factors in the following projects:


1 - The Artist's and the Writer's Housethe first planning experience

2 - Hall of residence in Testaccio, the affirmation of ideas

3 - Residential Building in Portuense, an experimental project

4 - Interior design of a Sailboat, an exercise out of context

5 - JobHub / project of a business incubator, design beyond didactics

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, IT
My Role: Bachelor's Graduand
Additional Credits: Roma3 University, JoBoxes, Duck_Design