Giada Thuong Campigotto

Giada Thuong Campigotto

Venice, IT

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My name is Giada Thuong Campigotto and I recently graduated from the IUAV University of Venice with a Master’s degree in Architecture, Construction and Conservation department.

I have recently moved to Hai Duong province in northern Vietnam, to help a community-based project evolving. I currently volunteer with an ONG association to help children reach a good English education, giving back to the fortune I had while studying abroad. During my academic career, I took part in two international exchange programs, being able to win a scholarship and study in Shanghai and Chicago. In both Universities, I had the occasion to deepen my interests in the future of cities, being involved in the research about urban metabolism at different scales. Since then, my belief in Architecture focuses on social justice expressed through design, with the desire to empower communities by working on private and public spaces. 


University IUAV of Venice, Venice, IT, MArch, Construction and Conservation department

The Master of Architecture for the old and the new seeks to increase the formation of a professional able to confront the complexity of the design process in all its aspects and to understand, use, theories and techniques to coordinate their different disciplines. The architectural project is related with the culture of their time, history, technologies, techniques and places.
In both educational streams, new and old, are there the new issues of sustainability and energy conservation, which play an important role in contemporary design practice.

Sep 2015 - Jul 2018

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, IL, US, MArch, Exchange program

“The contemporary architect must be aware of the myriad forces shaping urban reality. Through his or her professional performance, intellect, and research, he or she navigates and works with these complex forces to direct the shape of the built environment. The time for universal urban models—totalizing utopian visions—may be over, but the need for new strategies for the city is no less acute. In this globalized era characterized by rapid transformations of the built environment, it is critical for architects to develop their consciousness of the complexities of the contemporary world. In order to equip a new generation of architects to develop new strategies, architectural education must strive to produce new and in-depth knowledge of the forces that drive development.”

Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

Tongji University, Shanghai, CN, MArch, Exchange program

With the rational spirit of modern architecture as its prototype, the diversity and flexibility in academic orientation,the emphasis on the interaction between contemporary building technology and culture, the pursuit of the world’s latest development in the field, and the integration of discipline predominance with regional advantages, the Department of Architecture, respecting diverse student aptitude and encouraging originality and innovation, aims attraining not only high-level professional architects being capable of addressing multiple challenges in practice with adequate basic skills and broad vision, but also future leaders and pioneers in the field.

Feb 2016 - Aug 2016

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