T-Mobile Headquarters

For T-Mobile, the House of Sorcery team created three installations to set a spatial tone inside their headquarters, redesigned by Gensler. One is a nearly 45’ mural, in addition to two "T" logos made from textured, CNC'd wood that mimics a moon-like surface. The concept represents different shapes and shades, similar to the diversity of T-Mobile’s workforce–everyone has a place. Working together, the pieces create a beautiful composition that represents T-Mobile. 

 The team had many conversations with Gensler about ways they could rethink the workplace– the amenity floor is very open and spacious, which works well in the current moment. It is connected to an outdoor area, with windows opening up towards the mural. 

“There is a growing importance of being deliberate in the office space, given that people now have the option to work remotely. If you’re going to come in, that environment not only needs to be safe, the experience needs to be elevated.” –Duffy De Armas, Founder, House of Sorcery

The installations are positioned to greet people, to embed the branding into the environment in a way that roots, welcomes, and imbues collective identity. For the two “T” installations, opting for wood manipulated with CNC (or: Computer Numerical Control) showcases the relationship of the natural world with technology, working together to create something harmonious and beautiful. The natural material was layered and layered to build strength, then excavated through CNC technology to reveal a man-made pattern as well as the natural layers of the wood–it’s a push-pull dance that visually showcases T-Mobile's company culture of pushing the limit and constantly exploring, being the "un carrier".

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Status: Built
Location: Bellevue, WA, US
Firm Role: Design Studio