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Garrison Architects

Brooklyn, NY


Roberto Clemente Plaza

Roberto Clemente Plaza is located at the crossroads of four converging thoroughfares in the South Bronx. Known by many as “The Hub”, the plaza provides its community with two crucial resources: a primary shopping and fashion district, and a vital passageway for tens of thousands of commuters daily. In redesigning the plaza, our team faced the challenge of creating a space that embraces the neighborhood’s thriving culture, while also providing commuters and residents with a green oasis of calm a midst the chaos.

Our design features an undulating, bench-lined, planted strip that accommodates commuter waiting and creates a flexible-use plaza centered on a fountain. The strip’s geometry makes diverse seating arrangements, including an area for café tables and gatherings. When idle, the fountain serves as a stage for performances. Paths through the strip give convenient shortcuts for commuters.  The design of the Plaza creates a place of repose without interrupting the vibrant activity of the area.

The design of the Plaza incorporates a memorial, which will celebrate the humanitarian contributions of Roberto Clemente.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bronx, NY, US
Firm Role: Architectural Design