Istanbul, TR


Library & Education Center

The Libraray’s Arcade makes both Reading and OtherAreas Sacred Places of Refuge 
In the traditional sense of the world, there are no window glass frames, here, arcades make both reading and other areas as a sacred place of refuge. Light enters mysteriously from above and from the sides, casting emotional shadows.  But the interior glow produced from the diffusion and refracting of light is consistent all year round, so the library is operational in every season.
Imagine shelves that not only organize and hold books but at the same time organize and carry the structure of the building itself.
The most rigid and permanent dimension in all of architecture is that of the stair riser.  This dimension, 15x30cm, and its multiples serve the basis for sizing all of the other elements.  Following this order, shelves, whether 30x30, 45x45, 60x60, etc., are stacked and combined creating naturally perfect and comfortable structures defining rooms and openings, such as door frames.  
The way in which the structure is handled is evolving the earliest library structures. First, the developments in construction and media technologies along with additional program, functions, and responsibilities of libraries and librarians are taken into account and applied as a pure and simplified concept, even on the level of structural details such as columns, brackets, and railings.   
The main building material is a clear, ultraviolet free composite that transfers additional lighting throughout the interiors.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Istanbul, TR