Future Green Studio

Future Green Studio

Brooklyn, NY


41 Bond

esign for this residential building clad in New York State bluestone echoes the historic character of Village bohemia - of artists' garrets and mid-century Manhattan.

The planting scheme emphasizes texture and form, mixing a contemporary with a fancifully rugged style. For the balcony gardens, given the intimacy of the outdoor and living space, the plantings perform in concert with the décor throughout all the seasons. Reflecting neutral shades of green, cream, and white, plants include Pencil Point (Juniperus communis), Nana (Ophiopogon japonicus), Vision in White (Astilbe chinensis), and Alba (Clematis Montana).

Features include window boxes and loggia, a planted marquee, balconies, a green roof, parapet planters, and a private backyard.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US