Fproduct, Inc.

Fproduct, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY


Cornell University

Between 2009-2011, Fproduct collaborated with OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) to design and fabricate a visually stunning exterior seating area for the Milstein Hall – a new 47,000 square foot addition at Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP). For an exterior seating area on a concrete slope, OMA envisioned the use of a dome seat, with rubber skin and light emitting properties.

In collaboration with OMA’s New York office, Fproduct applied its proprietary casting techniques to the design and fabrication of 21 illuminated exterior seating pods. Fproduct also developed a unique solution to secure the pods to the concrete slope using a custom-designed concrete base. The versatile design of the seating pods provides a horizontal surface to sit on in any sloping position.

Illuminated dome seats:
Translucent Rubber skin, Acrylic dome, concrete base
Dim: 36" x 18" (92 x 46cm)

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Status: Built
Location: Ithaca, NY, US
My Role: Consultant design and manufacturing