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Designs unveiled for landmark RMK headquarters in Yekaterinburg

By fosterpartners
Jul 11, '14 11:06 AM EST

Designs have been revealed for the sustainable new headquarters of RMK, one of the world’s leading producers of copper – the project rethinks the conventional cellular office to set new standards in quality, comfort and flexibility. The 13-storey building has been tailored to the way that RMK operates, inside and out – the innovative modular office units are wrapped in an energy efficient enclosure, which provides a distinctive symbol for the organisation in Yekaterinburg.

Entrance is via a dramatic 12-metre high lobby, flanked by visitor lounges and displays of RMK’s products, leading to scenic lifts. The starting point for the office floors was to reinvent the headquarters as a ‘house for staff’ – instead of large, open workspaces, the rooms are of a more intimate, domestic scale. The design team worked with the practice’s workplace consultancy group, who analysed the client’s operations, and helped to devise the innovative modular system for these rooms. This was then developed with the in-house engineering teams to enable rapid construction to the highest quality, and ensure ideal levels of natural daylight for concentrated work.

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