Harvard Career Discovery


Has anyone attended or know anything about the Career Discovery Program at Harvard?

Jun 13, 07 3:11 pm

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Jun 13, 07 3:20 pm

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Jun 13, 07 3:34 pm

yes, i spent a summer in the program.

Jun 13, 07 3:34 pm

jwillefo, what did you think of the program? Was it useful for you?

Jun 13, 07 3:35 pm

j2h, there is a lot of info about career disco in this website. do a search, it's there.

Jun 13, 07 4:05 pm

Being an individual that didn't have a background in design, I found CD to be very useful. The lectures were great, I made some good friends, and the majority of my portfolio for grad school reflected on my CD projects. It really allowed me to form a base understanding of how to approach thinking about design. So yeah, it was a great experience. Although I did the LA program, so the arch program might be a little different. Especially with there being 5 times as many kids in that program. And like most LA departments, the kids in LA were a lot happier and envied by the arch students ;-)

I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy a summer post-college.

Jun 13, 07 4:12 pm

I considered doing the Harvard Career Disco program a few years ago but decided against it once i did some further research. i had thought that Harvard professors would be teaching the class and that it would be a great way to get a top-notch architecture intro crash course in a great city at a great price. but that's incorrect, its just a money-maker for the school. the career disco program isnt taught by harvard professors, its taught by some third party company that uses Harvard's resources and impressed you with the name "Harvard." But that seemed to be its only merit. It is an expensive program. You dont get any sort of college credit, nor are you taught by legitimate professors. You are probably better off just taking some intro to architecture classes at a regular university during summer school, which is better because then u can apply the credits to your college degree.

also, i saw some of the work produced by Harvard Career Disco kids and it was naive and unimpressive.

However, if you are looking for a good excuse to go to what i hear is an awesome city (Cambridge/Boston area), and you have the cash, and you dont want college credit, and it doesnt bother you that your teachers are graduate students themselves, then enjoy!

Jun 22, 07 2:55 am

Actually, Career Discovery is taught by current and graduating GSD students. It's true they are not the faculty, but there is a very competative process that goes into selecting which students become the instructors. The professors, along with other prominant architects, landscape architects, and planners in the Boston are, do give letchers in the mornings and at night. You are also given access to use just about all the GSD facilities. An intro to architecture class would pale in comparison as to what you can learn or experience at CD. If you are looking to go into a masters program and don't have a BLA, then Career Discovery is definitely worth it. And yes, the $2,400 for the program might seem high, especially since you can't work during this time, but if you think about it, that's not that much for a 6 week full time program. Especially when you take into count the use of all Harvard libraries, museums, and facilities; the lectures, field trips, and the opportunity to meet faculty and professionals. There were even some people that got jobs through Career Discovery last year at some major firms. I have yet to meet a person who said it wasn't worth it. That includes heads of top programs who went there in the 80's.

Jun 22, 07 8:03 am


Your facts are incorrect. It is not taught by some "third party company" it is taught by typically senior graduate students there. I have been on many reviews and have been quite impressed what these first time students of architecture have produced.

The work may be what you call 'naive and unimpressive', but if I compare it to my first year work it is quite superior. Many of the students there had a similar wrap of ' I wanted to see what architecture school was like....or...what architecture is....or could be'. It is also a great place to start a portfolio, as stated above.

I believe there is still a series of lectures given by local archtiects. It changed each year, but some of the past have been Nadir Tehani, Brian Healy, Shelia Kennedy...and of course Toshiko Mori would probably be around at some point.

So if it is exposure to architecture and the rigor of architecture education, it is perfect. I can bet good money that if you are just starting in architecture, this is a much more complete overview to what it will be like compared to "taking some intro to architecture classes at a regular university'. College credits shouldn't be the only criteria you base this on.

Jun 22, 07 8:12 am

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