And it looks like the new Dean at IIIT maybe...


Wiel Arets.

I don't know if he has accepted or not but he has been spotted making the rounds.


May 21, 12 2:49 pm

i have heard this as well... very interesting selection.  As an IIT alum who graduated under Donna Robertson, i think it would be interesting to note differences between a dean like Robertson who was almost always around, available, teaching, making the rounds and being in other ways accessible, to a dean who will likely be gone more than present.

I suppose in IIT's eyes, the next step in the process requires a well known architect who might be able to offer a bit more design credability, and possibly recruit a little more international talent for the student population and lecture circuit?


Anyway, if this is the case, i say nice job IIT... i really like his work... no idea on weather he'll be a good dean...

May 21, 12 4:44 pm  · 

Perhaps he was in for the Crosstown classic or the Nato gig......

May 21, 12 4:50 pm  · 
won and done williams

Reminds me a bit of Michigan hiring Monica Ponce de Leon. From an alumni perspective, she's been weak fostering alumni connections, but the students seem happy there, and the school is generally well regarded.

I'd say it's a bit of a mixed bag bringing in the starchitect dean. Being a dean takes a certain amount of administrative leadership that I don't think comes naturally to many architect-designers, but they also clearly bring other assets to the table. Arets will also bring his experience as Dean of the Berlage, so that should help.

May 21, 12 4:59 pm  · 

yeah... thats another interesting thing... dean of the berlage to dean of iit?  i cant claim to know a ton about the berlage, but thats a pretty stark contrast right?

May 21, 12 6:38 pm  · 

Oh man, if this is the real deal, what will happen to the IIT - UIC rivalry? with Robert Somol's ties to the Berlage and all... not to mention that two out of three Chicago schools will be under some form of Dutch influence. 

May 23, 12 5:10 pm  · 

hard to call it much of a rivalry without iit acknowledging the existence of uic? I work with recent IIT grads in chicago and they don't have the slightest clue what UIC's program is like, have never gone to a lecture there, etc. Would be fantastic if there was a *real* rivalry

May 24, 12 8:23 pm  · 

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