How is SCAD's Master's in architecture program?


is SCAD's master's in architecture program (70k tuition 2 years combined) worth it for international student? I have got an admit there and heard mixed reviews. Is it worth going or should i take a break reapply next year.

Jun 28, 22 9:28 pm
Non Sequitur

70k? Hells no.  maybe if it was 10k.  

Do not take on debt for an arch degree, it is not an investment.

Jun 29, 22 8:02 am  · 

It's a pay-to-play program. If you are a Georgia native, I would recommend going to Georgia Tech over SCAD. You will get a much cheaper and higher-quality education. 

Jun 29, 22 11:26 am  · 

If you or your parents can write a check for the tuition and living expenses without hardship, SCAD is an acceptable place to study.  If you are being asked to spend your entire savings and/or take out loans to attend, I would consider looking elsewhere.  An ideal place in terms of affordability is a school that will give you some kind of teaching assistant position.

The setting in Savannah is quite nice.  The SCAD alumni I have encountered have been able to land jobs in the field and been capable in a workplace environment.

Jun 29, 22 3:50 pm  · 

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