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Hello Archinects

I got an integrated master's degree in architecture (professional degree) and I am considering to accept the offer of either AA's MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design or UCL's Space Syntax MRes.

I want to pursue a career in research and academics. 

AA's MPhil Projective Cities program looks amazing! But it is quite expensive, my family can barely afford it.

UCL's Space Syntax MRes looks equally interesting too and is more affordable. But I'm wondering why it's not that popular. I found some data online that said 15 people worldwide applied or it with 5 people receiving an offer.

A family friend proposed that I go straight for a PhD. But I feel like I'm not really qualified for that yet, in terms of formal education, academic writing/technical skills. Would I be able to develop the skills necessary while in a PhD degree?

If not, which of the above programs do you think is best for pursuing a PhD later, followed by post-doc or research work?

(Am 26 y.o. with 1.5 years of professional experience. I mention this because I saw a post about 35ish students pursuing a PhD without a post-master)

Thanks in advance! <3

May 6, 22 1:47 pm

Hi, I just read this thread because I am in a very similar situation. I am considering the AA for Theory and Critical Thinking or UCL for History of Architecture, and my plan is to also start a PhD after that. 

I have a feeling these programmes are a great preparation for a PhD, I am just afraid of how much it is worth the money investment.

If you want to discuss more let me know. Good luck!

May 8, 22 12:33 pm  · 

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