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Hi everyone,

I've been accepted to master programs of IUAV Venice - MA in Architecture and Politecnico di Milan Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design. I can't decide which one I'm going to choose. I am a little bit closer to IUAV but I couldn't find much info about it and the English programs are very new in this university. That is a big question mark for me.On the other hand, I guess Polimi has better reputation around the world. From my perspective, negative sides of Polimi is Sust. Arch. program located in Piacenza campus which is far from the city center. Also, everyone telling me Milan is quite expensive city. Which one should I chose? Any idea from different perspective would be helpful for me.

Thank you.

Apr 18, 22 11:19 am

I think the main difference for you is the program itself, because you are not comparing apple to apple. 

Iuav is offering Master in Architecture on a larger and broader scale, however, it seems that Polimi is focusing on Landscape and Sustainability. 

Iuav is reputable as well and it is well known in the filed of architecture in Italy and always competing on the no.1 spot for Architecture rankings in Italy with Polimi and Polito, but I agree that Polimi is a more well known institute outside Italy and Europe. 

Location wise, I can only talk about Venice as I did not live in Milano. Venice will be a different experience for you than any other city in the world because of its uniqueness and its beautiful Architecture, magnificent historical buildings, and stunning views. 

If you decided to go to Iuav, I suggest that you try to find accommodation in Mestre for cheaper prices.

Good luck. 

Apr 23, 22 2:37 pm  · 


Thank you for all this informative reply. I wonder if I stay at dorm in Venice would it be cheaper for me or the flats at Mestre are cheapier?

Apr 25, 22 4:36 pm  · 

I graduated last March from IUAV MA program.

I enrolled in 2019 and we effectively were the first students to attend a master's degree entirely taught in English at this university.
Classes and academic life ended up being ok, not great, but I would say on the standards of the other Italian-taught degrees. Maybe I had higher expectations but still, from what I hear they are getting better year by year since they care about the students' feedback.
IUAV has great art and architecture library, and a pretty wide event/lecture/workshop calendar. Financial aid tends to be especially generous to foreign students.

IUAV is well considered in Italy and abroad. POLIMI is surely higher in international rankings but I can't give you insights since I don't know much about it.

Milan is a nice city, really expensive though.
Venice on the other hand is a city you probably wouldn't have the chance or the reason to move to if not for the university. You would literally live in a surreal place that, despite hyper touristification, still preserves its true soul.
Mestre is cheaper but please stay in Venice city center, it's worth it. If you get a scholarship dorm rooms are quite cheap.

May 19, 22 6:10 pm  · 
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Thank you for your comment. It is very informative and helpful

May 20, 22 3:58 am  · 
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