McGill University vs Politecnico de Milano


Hi Everyone! Recently got accepted at McGill University's MArch, I am also waiting for Politecnico de Milano in either 'building architecture" or "Architecture and Urban Design" Masters, I haven't been able to connect with a lot of people who went to Poli Mi but I heard that the Building Architecture Masters is very very technical and you barely get any chance to design and research on context as you have to jump straight to detailing etc... this is really not my style and I am very interested in Urban design but I was wondering if anyone knows if the master in architecture and urban design at polimi counts as an M.Arch in North America? So if I can be accredited ? It is partially urban design but you also have architecture studios as well. Please let me know or put me in contact if you know anyone who did that! Thank you!!

Mar 31, 22 8:24 pm

I've also applied to Polimi for Building Arch and Built Enviro Interiors (both still under evaluation). If you want to talk to Polimi students, download Telegram and join this group chat

It's a great way to answer your questions! Mind you, the chat is mainly in Italian but some international students are there. Google translate is your best friend haha

The MSc programs should be recognized in North America (Im Canadian and have friends who work with Polimi alumni as registered architects here).

Mar 31, 22 10:17 pm  · 

Hi! I also applied to the Architecture and Urban Design Program as well as the Building Architecture Program at Polimi. My first choice is the Architecture and Urban Design Program. Like @CdnUnicorn, I come from Canada with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Toronto. I haven't heard back yet from Polimi (my dossier is under evaluation). I would love to go there for my master's, but I'm really worried about getting in, partially because of the nature of work that I did at UofT. My undergrad was very conceptual and theoretical, and I worry that this is not what Polimi is looking for. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck, and hopefully, we hear soon!

Apr 10, 22 12:15 am  · 

Hi! I'm apply for both schools this year and am wondering which one did you choose in the end? How do you feel about the school so far?

Sep 25, 22 10:24 am  · 

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