scholarships for summer programs?


Hi everyone! I am currently a software engineer and looking to pivot into architecture with the intention of applying to M. Arch programs next year. I want to do a summer architecture program along the lines of Columbia Intro to Architecture, Harvard Career Discovery, Sci-Arc Making+Meaning, UIC, CUNY, etc.

Does anyone know of organizations that provide scholarships for these types of programs, or for people in my situation (already graduated college, career changers)? Since these programs don't cost as much as actual graduate school tuition, even a scholarship of a few hundred dollars would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Jan 25, 22 11:16 pm

Check and see if your own department has scholarships available for these kinds of educational opportunities, but if anyone else has an answer please let me know too xoxo

Jan 28, 22 12:22 pm  · 

GSD Design Discovery has financial aid for US residents.  Try contacting or further researching the programs you are interested in.  Aid will be much harder to obtian if you are an international student.

Jan 28, 22 12:32 pm  · 

Most of these Architecture Summer Programs provide financial assistance / scholarships but not sure if there are outside organizations.

You may wish to review the listing below for other programs that may be less expensive or online.


Mar 8, 22 8:48 pm  · 

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