Harvard GSD (MArch 1)/ The Bartlett (MArch Part 2)/ Columbia GSAPP (MArch)/ Cambridge (Mphil Part 2)


Hello all,

I have been admitted into Harvard GSD, GSAPP, Cambridge as well as the Bartlett, UCL for the MArch programmes, and now face the fortunate dilemma regarding which school to attend. I hold a 4-year undergraduate degree in architecture from a UK university (Part 1) and so I'm not sure whether to continue with that degree in the UK and get my Part 2, or to get a NAAB accredited MArch degree from the US (either the GSD or GSAPP). 

I will be basing my decision on the duration of the course as well as the work/networking opportunities that the university provides. I know that the Bartlett is considered the top architecture school in the world, but I have heard that the GSD has a very strong international outreach in terms of networking/opportunities. However, I, unfortunately, did not get granted the advanced placement at the GSD and so the duration of the course will be 3.5 years, which seems like a bit of a setback considering that the other schools are offering me 2 year MArch programmes. 

It would be great if i could receive some advice from someone who is familiar with the GSD's or/and the Bartlett's MArch programme....

Mar 24, 21 6:29 pm

Are you a student from the University of Liverpool or the University of Nottingham?Four years program sounds like my alumni!

Apr 8, 21 2:38 am  · 

I'm from the University of Edinburgh, which also has a four year architecture programme.

Apr 11, 21 6:54 am  · 

If you wish to practice in the UK go for UCL or Cambridge and consider the GSD/GSAPP for post professional degrees.  Good option then to consider is to go for as a Kennedy Scholar -  or defer GSD for a year and go for it then 

Apr 11, 21 9:27 am  · 

CON! I think each school has its own style, like Bartlett takes a interdisciplinary approach in a experimental manner, Cambridge is very theoretical while GSD appears more realistic. Each school has very good reputation and promising career opportunity. I will recommend to think about your own taste then make your decision. Very curious about your final decision. I accepted the offer from Bartlett MArch by the way. If you choose bartlett we will be classmates ahhh

Apr 16, 21 3:29 am  · 
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Congrats on your offer too! I think I am leaning more towards the Bartlett as well. Just worried about whether the work opportunities available after graduating will be comparable to the GSD...I've heard that employers have a love/hate relationship with Bartlett students...

Apr 16, 21 4:48 am  · 

@Dus you are probably overthinking. In the UK or major cities in Europe I dont think firms would care that much whether it's a Bartlett/GSD , given you have a well-presented folio from either school. Having said that, I think the GSD would carry more weight in the US and the most part of Asia than the Bartlett.

So it really comes down to where do you want to practice after graduation and the duration of the course. If I were you I wouldnt want to basically repeat the 2nd and 3rd year and spend another 1.5 yrs more for a degree.

Apr 18, 21 12:14 am  · 

I'm literally in the same boat. I'm choosing between the Bartlett and Harvard GSD. Which one did you end up picking?

Jul 28, 21 8:44 am  · 
Non Sequitur

just remember, the more money/loans you spend for school, the better the education.

Jul 28, 21 8:47 am  · 
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Which one did you go to finally? Curious to know. And what was the final reasoning?

May 22, 22 1:47 pm  · 

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