Does anyone know when MIT will send out their SMarchS decisions?

Mar 8, 21 12:41 pm

I do not know yet. Waiting on the same... It seems like someone got an email for an interview sometime in Feb last week or March first week.

Mar 9, 21 2:21 am  · 

thanks for reply. fingers crossed that we'll hear back this week. good luck

Mar 9, 21 8:39 pm  · 
1  · 

Any update? I'm also waiting to hear back. Will there be a chance of getting accepted if you're not invited for the interview? 

Mar 12, 21 7:30 pm  · 

a very good question!

Mar 12, 21 8:21 pm  · 

at this point, it is very likely that we will all hear back from them late next week, the following week the latest. I doubt that we will hear back this monday or tuesday. the department is notorious for sending out notifications later then other schools, apparently.

Mar 13, 21 7:20 pm  · 
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I heard that On March 12, one Chinese student received an offer from the computation group. Do you have any updates yet? I think I am potentially rejected.

Mar 15, 21 5:04 pm  · 

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