Recommended university for a MArch RIBA part 2 in London, UK


Hello, I am about to finish my studies to get a BArch degree. I would be grateful for any opinion concerning a good university to get a MArch (most probably RIBA part 2).

I am aware mostly aware of the Architectural Association and UCL Bartlett programmes. Unfortunately the AA won’t take as valid my English Exam. UCL Bartlett does consider my English certifications but I am not sure my Portfolio is strong enough considering the amount of people trying to enter each year (I left my Portfolio link in case someone wants to see it).

I made a list of the remaining Universities to get a MArch. ANY response about these programmes would help me a lot: Royal College of Arts:
-Royal College of Art: Master of Arts Royal College of Art in Architecture.
-Central Saint Martins: MArch part 2.
-London South Bank University: MArch part 2.
-London Metropolitan University: MArch part 2.
-University of Greenwich: MArch part 2.
-University of East London: MArch part 2.
-University of Westminister: MArch part 2.

Online Portfolio link (Not the Final Version): 

 Thank you very much,
Nicolas A.

Aug 25, 20 3:42 pm


You can have a look at the RIBA validation reports for these schools here:

It's a bit dry but informative. The RIBA really should do better and put a friendly face on it.

Good luck!

Aug 26, 20 6:45 am  · 
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Thanks for the response! It helped me a lot.
 Do you know any other site that information regarding these universities is available?

Aug 27, 20 6:11 pm  · 

They're mostly all good schools. If you're committed to going to London, other schools offering a part II are Ravensbourne University London, Kingston University and the London School of Architecture.

RCA offers a part II only and not a part I which is unusual but means that the work of the students is deeply embedded within the culture of the other fine art and design disciplines. It is quite common to study architecture at RCA and to continue in a career in the fine arts.

CSM is in a highly renowned school of design. Like RISD in the US if you're familiar. There seems to be a good balance here of the interests of both the building profession and the agency of architecture. Jeremy Till, the head of school, is a fantastic educator and a reason, I think, that CSM will be considered one of the top London schools of architecture in years to come. The quality of work across the school in the fine art and design disciplines would make this a very exciting place to study. Their MA in Material Cultures had some of the most pressing and interesting work I have seen at an art school in a long time.

The AA and the Bartlett do not prioritise the architect as a "building professional" in their curriculum but more how architects can intervene in the world in a meaningful way; architectural agency. The same could be said for the London School of Architecture and they're doing a lot of interesting work regarding the discipline and climate change. Their work is always based in London as there is a strong focus on urban design. Classes are small, which I believe is not the case at the AA and the Bartlett.

London Met and Kingston University are both kind of shit hot at the moment and seen as the schools that focus on architecture as "Baukunst". Both also in schools of art and design, Kingston has amazing workshops.

Greenwich / Westminster. Greenwich probably has the best school of landscape architecture in London and in the top 2 or 3 in the country. I don't know anything about architecture but the quality of landscape work reflects well on the school. Everyone wants to study their part 3 at Westminster, and the quality of the architecture work looks really solid and well crafted.

London South Bank and University of East London are not as well known as the ones above, and I can't comment on any of the work only that Lily Kudic, the head of school at LSBU seems to be very interesting and has a lot of ambition for the direction of the school.

Ravensbourne University has quite a new school of architecture located beside the O2. It has a very broad and diverse body of students. The Part 2 is new and I believe the cohort is tiny (1 or 2 students) so if you wanted to trailblaze for a new school and have the attention of each professor, it could be fun.

Aug 28, 20 6:00 am  · 
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Thank you very much for the information and for taking your time!

Sep 1, 20 8:40 pm  · 
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I also have a question! I got admitted in both master of architecture and master of interior design in UAL. Which one has a better reputation and career prospects in your opinion? Actually it is really difficult for me to choose between them

Apr 4, 21 3:07 pm  · 

Hey anyone applied to Uo of Edinburgh?? They have a bunch of architecture courses and was wondering if anyone had opinion on this uni.

Apr 5, 21 1:53 am  · 

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