is CGPA of 4.2 good enough for MArch in Europe?


Hi guys

I hold a bachelor's degree in architecture and I'm looking into applying  for some MArch courses in Europe at universities like KADK, Polimi, University of Westminster, TU Berlin aaand so on. 

My CGPA is 4.2 out of 5.0 and my normal (unweighted) GPA is 3.86 out of 4.0.

I'm a bit clueless as I've done some research online and have found mixed opinions, with some people saying that 4.2 is great and others saying it's not good enough. So yeah, I'm really confused. 

Is my CGPA enough for me to qualify for these universities?

Apr 12, 20 8:38 am

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Non Sequitur

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