Asking for Master Degree in Digital Architecture - English taught in Germany!

Dear all,

Recently I have applied for Digital Architecture in many countries such as 1.Bio-Digital Architecture at Kent university (Receiving Conditional Offer) 2. Design by Data Paris (interview invitation but concerning for tuition) 3. Studio Hani Rashid Di Angewandte Vienna (waiting for decision) and ITECH Stuttgart in germany. 

My all concerns are about my tuition and financing my tuition! (I wish to apply for ETH Zurich and SAC but since they don’t offer scholarships for international students I refused )  could you please advice me regarding this issue? I really want to study at SAC, Design by Data or Zurich but I can’t afford their tuition. If any students or graduate has any experience please help me. 

Feb 1, 20 4:07 pm

ETH Zurich tuition is cheap. Less than 2k a year? I'd apply first, then worry about costs if you actually get in.

Feb 2, 20 4:05 am

Thank you so much.

I just confused, I filled my application and will submit it soon.

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