So I am a high school senior that's gonna be graduating this year. At this point I have to decide where I wanna go before May 1. I'm strongly considering going to IIT, but wanted to hear some opinion from y'all. Anything is appreciated, thanks!

Apr 21, 19 9:09 pm
On the fence

Loans (UIC) or your parents have a big 529 plan (IIT) set up for you?

Apr 22, 19 12:49 pm  · 

IIT is expensive. 

Apr 22, 19 2:30 pm  · 

Wait whats a 529 plan? 

Apr 22, 19 9:01 pm  · 

Never mind, I looked it up lol

Apr 22, 19 9:14 pm  · 

I would recommend UIC as an undergrad it is beneficial to be in a larger university setting with all of the things a major university can offer.  IIT is a good place to finish your education but you should be careful of schools that tend to cloister their architecture programs.  You will meet more people outside of your program, which is a good thing, and have more opportunities to learn about what your future clients are up to at UIC.

good luck

Peter N

Apr 23, 19 2:09 am  · 

I respectfully disagree with Peter - IIT is a large university and can offer equal things to UIC - "You will meet more people outside of your program, which is a good thing, and have more opportunities to learn about what your future clients are up to at UIC." -- What?

Just to note I have first hand experience at both Universities 

Advantage of IIT is that it is a 5-year professional degree vrs 4+2 at UIC - So you could complete all studies in 5 years verses 6 - 5 Year BArch programmes deliver much more depth in topic than 4 years BAs/BSs

2nd advantage is that you can do a dual degree at IIT - such as BArch+MBA 

If you can afford IIT I would do it - IIT has a tradition of international links 

State Universities across Illinois and the US are being hit with funding cuts so while one may appear less tuition it can only do so by delivering less in educational quality - 

Apr 23, 19 5:19 am  · 
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Ah alright, I appreciate the input. While I do agree and like the fact that I will meet more people in UIC, I actually don't want to be in a class with too many students, because I feel that I would be able to approach a professor and get help much easily in a class with lesser amount of students (so like the teacher to student ratio) but I'm not sure if that's actually how it works. 

Apr 25, 19 11:20 pm  · 

UIC studios and classes are very small so don't let that be the factor!

Apr 25, 19 11:26 pm  · 

Oh alright.

Apr 25, 19 11:33 pm  · 

Also from what I hear and see on the internet, IITs Barch program is ranked higher nationally then UICs, if that really means anything. 

Apr 25, 19 11:27 pm  · 

Hi guys! 

I have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and I want to do a Master's degree in architecture, specifically in Chicago. There 2 institutes I am interested in. Among UIC and IIT, which college is best in the M.Arch program? 
I'm looking for a good university, a good program and a one that offers better future job opportunities or campus placements. So far IIT is my first option, but I really have doubts.

HELP please and thanks! :)

Jan 27, 22 8:15 am  · 

IIT sets you up better for getting a job afterwards. There is a huge difference in pedagogy between UIC and IIT - you should research both and their faculty before deciding.

Jan 27, 22 10:13 am  · 
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