Waitlisted... What are my chances?


Hi, i was recently wailisted by Columbia GSAPP for the M.Arch I program and was wondering if there were a lot of people on archinect that got accepted and are leaning towards not enrolling... The waiting makes me truly anxious since they were my top choice. Any tips or knowledge if the GSAPP actually takes people off the waitlist? Is it even worth it to reach out or try harder like visiting the school? 

Mar 17, 19 7:15 pm

are your parents loaded? 

Mar 17, 19 11:12 pm

No... Unfortunate.


Ok, I was going to say if they can make a donation that will help. Do you have an option B?


Well In at UC berkeley with no funding, Pratt, Sci Arc and USC with some $ but honestly at this point it makes me so anxious to be waitlisted at my top choice that if this does not workout I might just re-apply. I was thinking of trying really hard to just send a reallt good letter to the admissions office and try my luck but I know how little to none diffeence that can make. What are your views on the situation? Is it even worth it to maybe hit the open house? Idk...


As someone who has been helped during the admissions process, I would probably not do that. We had someone try something similar once, they got a good laugh out of the committee...


Okay, good to know. So just send a letter and hope for the best?


To clarify...they laughed and threw the letter away. You do you though


I'd just wait it out... do you know when last call is?


Well yikes. Nevermind then. They just said they will re-evaluate and contact me after April 22nd...


Nothing wrong with your backup schools...


Plan B would be to go by on the day of registration and see if anyone had to defer at the very last minute. Rather than notify someone on the list a couple of thousand miles away, they might just give you the nod.


Yes for plan B


Interesting plan. Certainly will consider. Any tips on how to approach them though? I don't want to come off as creepy either, should I ask to speak to the head of admissions or just someone in general?

Non Sequitur

Can you not accept another school and just casually wait it out until you get confirmation on the wait list, then switch? I did that back in the day... even held tens of thousands of bursary dollars on the line for months as I worked my way to a far better school.


Yeah I might just deposit just in case but i'm still debating it since I got a summer internship offer already which can be flexible in case I need to wait one more year for grad school...


"Plan B" won't work, because at that late of a moment they don't continue to take people off the wait list. It's always a given that a tiny number of people will cancel at the very last moment - so they plan for that and just let the class be 1 or 2 people smaller when that happens. Even at this point in the year the admissions committee is done - it doesn't continue to make decisions - so there's usually no sense in calling or meeting with anyone. The wait-list is ranked. If enough spots open up that they decide to tap the wait-list then it's just an administrative task - they start from the top and work their way down to fill whatever spots open up. Some years nobody from the wait list is admitted.  If they do use the wait-list at all they don't typically fill spots that open up past mid-summer.

hi Bluesquare,

I was waitlisted for the MArch program as well, but i just recently learned that I was admitted from the wait list and with a scholarship!  I would follow up with the admission's office to see what the process is like and if they are still admitting students in.

Hope you hear soon!


Hey i got in as well! And with scholarship! Super excited. May I ask how much they gave me?


Gave you*

Witty Banter

Congrats Aditi and bluesquare!

Thanks Witty Banter!

Bluesquare, congratulations! Re: the scholarship, it’s not as much as I would have liked, but it’s a little over 30%. What about you?


Thanks Witty Banter! And Aditi, same here, actually. Got 30%, still a lot of tuition left to pay but definitely grateful. Excited to see you there! Maybe I can email you so we can meet up on orientation day.

Awesome! Definitely grateful as I was not expecting anything considering I was on the waitlist!

Can you see my profile? My email might be there. Or you could DM me ? Prefer not to share it on a thread haha


Columbia is your top choice? Why?

I was encouraged to go to an open house at a school where I was waitlisted. I do not recommend. I’d go to the school that offers the most money.

Mar 18, 19 2:21 pm

Its faculty, networking opportunities, and way of looking at design overall are some of the things I like the most about it. I am aware some of the schools I applied to are perfectly good too but I guess I did not realize I would much rather achieve what I intended originally. I did not receive an invitation to an open house so I will much likely not go. So now I am just torn between not doing anything and maybe do something like what Volunteer suggested up there. I don't know. I know chances are slim, anyway but it is definitely something that will keep me anxious until I hear back.


hey ma! what are your chances of accepting Berkeley's offer? :P

Mar 18, 19 2:36 pm

Hmmm unsure yet but looks like I will re-apply if I end up just rejected (most likely) from the waitlist. Did you get in?


NO!! I'm still waiting on Berkeley's decision. Their silence is making me anxious although I have almost no hope of getting into the program since its been weeks of no word from them. I got into USC though


People do get in off the waitlist in some years.  But, asking here about individual people who have decided not to attend really won't tell you much about your chances.  The yield rate (the number of people who decide to attend) is always expected to be somewhat less than the acceptance rate, so they admit the number that they project will yield the target class size.  It's only if a significantly larger number of admitted students decline than anticipated that they'll start dipping into the waitlist.  Historically more people change their minds and back out when the economy is good - so your chances are probably better now than if we go into another recession in a year or two!

Pestering the admissions people probably won't help and may backfire.  There are sometimes people who are so persistent that they get a pity meeting with a faculty member or administrator, which at best might lead to some tips about how to improve their portfolio, but it won't move them up the waitlist, and may brand them as high maintenance so it's not great if they plan to apply again next year if this year doesn't work out.

Mar 18, 19 7:43 pm

Last yr, one of my colleague finally got accepted off wait list and got admission letter in August. You really don't know till the last minute.

Mar 19, 19 2:38 am

I'm in the same boat as you...waitlisted at GSAPP but was offered 2 yr track at Pratt with some considerable $$. I also was accepted to USC with $$, but I am leaning more towards Pratt since I currently work in NY. It too has great connections in New York and an overall well respected program/staff. I was rejected from Berkeley which made the decision a bit easier. I will probably put in a deposit at Pratt, then wait to hear from GSAPP- which I really have zero hope about

Mar 20, 19 2:37 pm

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