Columbia GSAPP AAD or AUD



Can anyone share experience from studying at  GSAPP AAD or AUD? 

I am applying, but still not sure which way to go between these two. Both programs seem to be great.I guess more students apply for AAD?

Any advices?

Dec 17, 17 9:28 pm

I have enjoy studying both during undergrad., and just want to hear experiences from people who actually finished/are studying there. 

Helping others it is not a waste of time, and no one forced you to "waste" 30 seconds on reply. 

Dec 18, 17 2:33 am

Nope, still a waste of time. Those 2 fields vastly differ from one another so how the hell are others suppose to help you when you yourself don't even know what the hell you want to pursue? If you wanted an in-depth explanation into *how* the programs vary, then you're asking the wrong question and to that end, don't be lazy and look up other threads in the forum with the same topics in mind.


I feel sorry that my question annoyed you so much. I just want to learn more about programs from other's experiences, before deciding where to go, there is no need for judging.

Anyway,  thanks for your advice, I did have a look on other threads before even opening the discussion. 

Dec 18, 17 9:56 am

Well for starters one is architecture and one is urban design. AAD is not an M. Arch is an MS AAD which is a bit strange but it’s only a year program (summer fall spring). The UD program is a more formalized urban design program. Both are great. 

Dec 20, 17 10:59 am

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